Aug 14

Re-entry into the workplace

Did you leave the workforce for a period of time but now want to return to a job you once loved? How many people do you know who had to quit work to be a full-time caregiver, to pursue a personal interest, or maybe to re-evaluate a personal or professional... read more →
Oct 25
Mar 07

Bullying at the Office

Loretta is being bullied. She is tired of office gossip and overhearing inappropriate comments being made about co-workers, bosses, and clients and wants it to stop. When she addresses the issue with co-workers, they whisper to each other that she is “out of touch.” Loretta recognizes the gossiping is affecting... read more →
Jan 07

Simply Uber

Wayne is a paraplegic. Losing his second leg to complications from diabetes, he can no longer drive, thus limiting his ability to work and play in the hometown he loves. Wayne's wife works in health care, regularly logging 12-hour days, limiting her ability to drive her husband to appointments or social... read more →
Dec 10

The Value of Simplicity in the Workplace

Today I delivered flowers to my future daughter-in-law at work for her birthday. Rose works for a Fortune 500 company near Washington D.C. in a newly renovated office, and I was excited to see her new space. At first glance the rows of white workstations set against a tapestry of... read more →
Sep 05

Box of Potential

My friend, Michael, is a professional musician. For decades he has been collecting guitars, strings, cables, amps, microphones, and fans. Recently, Michael identified a box of items he determined were no longer useful in their current condition, but if refurbished, could be of monetary value. For weeks, he toiled about... read more →
Aug 03

The Backpack

My children experienced divorce at a very young age. It was a difficult transition for them: emotionally grueling and physically demanding. Rather than one bedroom to house all the things they treasured, they constantly had to contend with two. Shuttling things back and forth between Mom and Dad’s house quickly... read more →