Coaching Services
Individual Coaching: 

  • One-on-one coaching over the phone provides privacy and convenience for clients
  • Reduce mental clutter, gain clarity, promote harmony and work/life balance, downsize to “rightsize” your life, eliminate toxic beliefs that limit joy and productivity
  • In-person coaching available upon request if geographically possible
  • 50 minute coaching sessions
  • Fee paid by credit card at time of service

Group Coaching

  • Learn how to simplify and streamline processes
  • Isolate areas of clutter and confusion in the work environment
  • Address issues with time management and decreased executive functioning
  • Create manageable solutions to achieve personal and business objectives 
  • Create foundations of support, authenticity, spiritual and emotional maturity

Simple 6 Workshops/Training Services
Workshops can be instructional and fun! Simple 6 workshops are designed to help people gain clarity on any issue they are facing in 6 steps. Workshops are interactive, offering: instruction; break-out discussion; Q&A; and engaging accountability exercises that help individuals and businesses grow. 




Denise Fleissner is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and is ICF-accredited.