Feb 13

Loving Big

Last week my friend’s mother passed away.  Although it has been a very difficult time of grief and loss for her, my friend continues to say with a joyful heart, “Mom loved big!” She described her mother as a woman of “every” faith whose arms were big enough to hold... read more →
Feb 07

What Vanity Plates Reveal

I get answers to prayers on license plates. For years I struggled to believe that God could actually hear my prayers so one day on my drive to work I blurted in frustration, “God, if you can hear me, please send me messages on license plates so I can SEE... read more →
Jan 31

COVID Baby Blues

My daughter gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic. No visitors were allowed in the hospital so I sat on the rooftop of the parking lot waiting for my son-in-law to text the arrival of my new grand daughter. It felt surreal. Like many infants born during this time of isolation,... read more →
Jan 16

Tip For Managing Life Stress

How are you managing your life stress? When someone sneezes do you wonder if they have COVID-19? When protesters gather and rally are you fearful the chaos will erupt into violence in your community? These are common responses in an uncommon time of fear but hope is visible on every... read more →
Jan 09

Keep Hope Alive

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we live and interact with each other worldwide. As a collective society we have been forced to isolate, tolerate, mitigate, and now motivate each other and ourselves through this disaster to the finish line! It is our time to be kind and hopeful;... read more →
Mar 23

Soulful Distancing

We are still connected! Whether you stand six feet away or six thousand miles apart our souls were created to seek. During this time of isolation I have found it helpful to simplify all of my feelings down to one word, focus on 5 positive things about that word, and... read more →
Aug 14

Re-entry into the workplace

Did you leave the workforce for a period of time but now want to return to a job you once loved? How many people do you know who had to quit work to be a full-time caregiver, to pursue a personal interest, or maybe to re-evaluate a personal or professional... read more →
Oct 25
Mar 07

Bullying at the Office

Loretta is being bullied. She is tired of office gossip and overhearing inappropriate comments being made about co-workers, bosses, and clients and wants it to stop. When she addresses the issue with co-workers, they whisper to each other that she is “out of touch.” Loretta recognizes the gossiping is affecting... read more →
Jan 07

Simply Uber

Wayne is a paraplegic. Losing his second leg to complications from diabetes, he can no longer drive, thus limiting his ability to work and play in the hometown he loves. Wayne's wife works in health care, regularly logging 12-hour days, limiting her ability to drive her husband to appointments or social... read more →