From Hollywood to Washington D.C.

As the Associate Producer for television sitcoms including, “The Golden Girls” and “Blossom,” and as a Producer for America Online and Public Radio International, Denise was skilled at managing a big-picture process. But the daily demands of media production began swallowing up her joy, resulting in an overproduced life filled with chaos and fatigue. As a result, she experienced a life-changing event that forced her to simplify and start over. In the process of simplifying her own life, Denise recognized an opportunity:

“If I can produce a television show, surely I can produce someone’s life!” she said to her sister at dinner one evening. “It’s just a different set of circumstances.”

Denise created her company, Soulfully Simple, to help people realize the impact simplicity can have in the workplace and at home, and how this shift can positively affect the quality of every day life. Her motto, “Shift the way you think and you will change the way you live.”